Does SecureMic prevent my phone from pocket-dialing?

No, SecureMic does not prevent your phone from pocket dialing, but it will prevent the party you accidentally called from hearing your side of the phone call since SecureMic disables your microphone.

Will SecureMic drain my battery?

SecureMic will not drain your battery anymore than say for example your Bluetooth device would.

What happens when a call comes in or is dialed out while SecureMic is activated?

When a call is made or received, your BlackBerry device will automatically prompt you to UNMUTE the speaker. Select UNMUTE, to continue with the call. When your call has ended SecureMic returns to an active state. You will not need to reactivate SecureMic after you have completed your call.

Will SecureMic continue to run if I turn off my device?

No ,SecureMic will need to be re-activated after you have restarted your device.

I noticed that I cannot use my Voice Note Recorder once I've activated SecureMic, why is that?

Disabling Voice Note Recorder is another security measure put in place to ensure that your device does not record your conversations locally or remotely via spyware.

The latest software update on my phone came with an app called Application Resource Monitor (ARM). ARM closes high utilization applications. Is SecureMic considered a "high utilization application?"

SecureMic does use some resources due to its function of disabling the microphone on your device, however, the application does not affect performance. If ARM prompts you that SecureMic is utilizing resources, or ARM disables the application on its own, you do have the option to not have ARM monitor the app.