About SecureMic

SecureMic is a smartphone software security company based in Ontario, Canada. SecureMic was founded by a team of security experts who are dedicated to provide security applications for your smartphone to protect your personal privacy, and the privacy of your organization. Our mission is to design solutions and apps that are effective and easy to use.


SecureMic is a simple and effective smartphone application designed to prevent your private conversations from being eavesdropped on, either through accidental "pocket dialing" or malicious spyware.

  • Quick & easy activation/deactivation
  • Scheduler to turn on/off SecureMic automatically
  • LED indicator to let you know SecureMic is active
  • In call disabling of SecureMic without having to reactivate the app after your call has ended
activateBy activating SecureMic, the microphone of your device and any handsfree devices associated are temporarily disabled, so that in the event of a "pocket dial" or eavesdropping attempt by spyware, your conversations are secure. With SecureMic activated, your phone cannot be used as a listening device against you.
loadSecureMic enables users to schedule the SecureMic function to be activated during predetermined periods of time. Whether if you have to attend a scheduled meeting, or if you want it turned on during work hours, SecureMic's scheduling feature can ensure that your conversations are kept private during these times.
load You will always know when SecureMic is activated on your device. The SecureMic icon located on the home screen of your device indicates that you are secure from eavesdropping. You also have the added option of turning on the smartphone's built in LED indicator for further visual confirmation.
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