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prevent digital spying!

SecureMicYour phone goes everywhere you go - to work, school, social functions, business meetings, personal appointments, inside your car and your home - places where you have conversations that you want to remain private. Protect your privacy today from eavesdropping or accidental 'pocket dialing' with SecureMic. SecureMic is designed to deliver the best protection possible by disabling the mic on your phone and prevent the threat of outsiders listening in on your conversations - All in an easy to use application!

Who Benefits



Law Enforcement

“Our BlackBerries are an extension to our workplace. And as a result, they must maintain the highest degree of public order by keeping our conversations classified. SecureMic - "Serves and Protects" our devices; plain and simple. It's officially become warranted as a member of our electronic force. We protect the community...SecureMic protects our gadgets!”

- Sergeant Steven Craig


“We attend a lot of confidential meetings at all levels of government and security is paramount for us. Our IT security is aware of our needs and installed SecureMic in all of our smart phones giving us that added level of security. We can now confidently travel and attend meetings without worrying about our information being "listened" in on or accidentally dialing an unwanted party. We keep it on 24/7!”

- Bob Hughes


"I used to have a real problem with pocket dialing random contacts from my blackberry address book and thus resulting with my private conversations being broadcast without my knowledge. Since purchasing SecureMic I have peace of mind that my private conversations will remain private."

- Michael Mancini


“As a financial advisor I need to ensure that my client details are confidential and protected this includes conversations whether they take place over the telephone or while in meetings. SecureMic provided me with that added security and peace of mind required when dealing with confidential matters day to day.”

– Howard Murphy